3 Secrets to Peaceful Parenting When

You Have ADHD Workshop

In this workshop you will understanding the ADHD Nervous system in the context of peaceful parenting. We dive deep into how rejection sensitivity dysphoria can lead to profound feelings of shame, and self-compassion as an antidote to shame. You'll identify signs of ADHD burnout and the impact of your nervous system state on your child's development. We provide you practical solutions and resources tailored to your unique needs and support you in building your own ADHD Peaceful Parenting Toolkit!

Self-Compassionate Parenting

Virtual Summit

Learn from 35 experts in self-compassion, peaceful parenting, mindfulness, and much more on how to show up as the calm and patient parent that you want to be. Video, audio, and transcripts available. Including private podcast for all 35 interviews so you can listen on-the go.

Emotional Intelligence

Posters for Kids


These digital downloads are perfect for hanging up in your kids room to support your toddler through school aged child to learn what emotions are called, how they feel in their bodies, and what they can do to self-soothe during big emotions that overwhelm them. Instant download with purchase!


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