Learn the secret to get your child to listen and cooperate without yelling, threats, or giving up control!

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Nervous System Reset

3 Steps to Reset Your Nervous System: regaining your composure and confidence even while your kids are having a hard time!

Stay calm and caring as a parent, put an end to power struggles, and remain confidently in charge with love and respect.....Are you ready?

I wonder if you feel overwhelmed with parenting and like every interaction is a struggle? Maybe you're missing that sweet connection, playful laughter and gentle nurturing with your kiddos? Do you want to let go of self-blame and create a safe and peaceful home for you and your family to connect?

What I know for sure is that you are a loving parent doing the best you can for your kiddos. You're worthy and lovable just the way you are. It is possible to enjoy your kids again and be the parent you want to be. By adopting a parenting style that aligns with your values, you can discipline your child effectively without sacrificing your principles. With this approach, you can help your child flourish and feel good about your parenting decisions.

As a parenting coach, I want to tell you it's never too late! My passion is to help you find your own compassionate voice, resolve your unique challenges using research proven parenting strategies, renew your mothering heart with hope and confidence, and show you it's never too late to delight in your parenting!

Whether you have kids who don’t listen until you yell, or you're counting the minutes until bedtime, you've come to the right place!

I'm rooting for you!

Hello Brave One...
Bring the "Delight" Back into Parenting

"The most important factor in your child's development may well be your delight in them. Children need to know that they inspire their parents to love caring for them. Be sure you tell your child daily how lucky you are that you get to be their parent, and that you could never love anyone else more than you love them."- Dr. Laura Markham

Your child feels your unconditional love for her deep in her bones when you really see her and delight in her presence. But you can only give her what you have inside.

​For new parents just considering their parenting approach, or if you're struggling with a specific challenge, or you're simply and completely overwhelmed and burnt out...I'm a parent just like you, I've been there and I've got you!

Peaceful parenting is an approach that uses firm and kind limits while empathizing with the child to help them feel understood.

The parents are in charge, but they coach and support children to meet their expectations.

Why does this approach work?

Our relationship is the only influence we have over our children.

Don't let stress and conflict ruin your relationship with your child.

Take your parenting skills to the next level and embrace a more peaceful approach.

Discover the power of peaceful parenting and transform your family into a safe haven for your children to rest and find safety in!


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