Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is Parent Coaching?

An opportunity to get one-on-one support with me conducted over Zoom, where we identify the issues that cause conflict in your family and work to resolve those issues with peaceful parenting strategies and approaches. I am able to "coach" you in how to influence your child's behavior for the better!

2. What is the difference between coaching and therapy or counseling?

Coaches are certified, therapists are licensed. I am not a therapist and cannot replace a therapist. Think of coaching as one level before seeking out therapy or counseling. It is an opportunity to talk through your challenges with an expert like me in a parenting approach that works, to identify whether this is something you can work on with my support, or whether a licensed professional would be more appropriate. Additionally, I think coaching can be more impactful than therapy in some regards because I want you to feel seen, heard, validated, accepted, and loved just as you are. You are not broken. Your child is not broken. You did not break your child. You just need some support. And your child may need some support. We get support through connection with a compassionate other.

3. How does coaching help me parent better?

Coaching sessions will work to identify where you are stuck, and then we will apply the 3 big concepts to remedy your situation. The first step is always to self-regulate so you can be calm and respond vs. react. The second step is to make the first step to connect to your child, usually in a playful way to get their attention. And the third step is to coach your child by validating their emotions, empathizing with them, and setting firm, kind limits that your child will learn to accept from you.

4. Why can't I just learn these concepts on my own without a coach?

Well you can try it and that is a great starting place. However, most of us, including myself, sometimes get stuck in parenting due to our own feelings that get in our way. "My child is a brat. They are pushing my buttons!" Our belief systems and our mindset keep creating a feeling inside of us that we sometimes need help to process with another person so we can let that feeling go and change the way we see our child and in turn, show up differently. When we show up differently, our child has no option but to change as well! When a different parent shows up, the child often changes. I can help you be the parent you want to be with your child!

A few examples of when parents get stuck and need some extra support: temper tantrums; different parenting styles; discipline and limit setting; self-regulation and yelling; sleep struggles; sibling fighting; feeling disrespected; divorced parents struggling with co-parenting; anxiety; defiance; etc.

5. How are the sessions conducted?

All sessions can be booked online and are conducted over Zoom unless you prefer not to do video on Zoom, a phone call is fine as well. We can work with your schedule, whether it's first thing in the morning after the kids are off to school, on your lunch break, late afternoon, or after the kids go to bed. I can conduct sessions on the weekends as well. Let's discuss a schedule that works for you!

6. Do you take insurance?

Coaching is not covered by insurance.

7. How many coaching session do I need?

That depends on you. You can just use the free consult and see if that helps. If you'd like a longer time with me, a 60 min. session may be sufficient to ask a specific question and dive into a specific issue. And more often than we would like to think, several sessions are more helpful in changing behavior. Just like any habit, we have to keep practicing it daily for it to stick. And when we start to doubt ourselves, lose hope, forget where we are headed, run into issues with the approach, a coach is helpful to have to keep you on track!

8. How often do sessions get scheduled?

The frequency of your sessions will vary on your situation. My recommendation is to meet once a week, so we can identify challenges, discuss strategies and approaches that you can take away from the session, and you have a week to practice them in your parenting. Then the following week we regroup to see how it went, fine tune, and discuss the next challenge that came up. Sometimes due to family schedules, you may not be available, or can't financially afford sessions week after week, that is fine. We can discuss frequency and availability.

9. Do you work with children?

No, I never meet your children. I only work with one or both parents. When the parents change, the children change.

10. What makes you different from other coaches?

I love the innocence and pure-heartedness of children and I want them to have an experience of a most wonderful childhood that they could have ever dreamed of! I want your children to feel delighted in! I am passionate about showing all children in this world that they are worthy and lovable just as they are. And the best place to start is to show their parents that they are lovable and worthy just as they are. When we overflow the parents cup with love and compassion, they have no choice but to spill over onto their children! We all only have one precious life, let's work together to give your child the gift of a lifetime, a parent that makes them feel loved! And the big secret of all, you get the gift of YOUR lifetime, learning how to feel and give more love in your life!


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